Proudly presents :

The Wild Dreams Tour


Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City Indoor - Jakarta

9 February 2023

Open gate @12:00 pm / noon

Open hall @ 6pm
Judika @ 7.30pm
Westlife starts @ 8pm



Your Wild Dream Is Back!!

Be the 1st to Watch Westlife First Show in 2023 ONLY at Ice Bsd – 9th February 2023!

Have a Comfortable Indoor Romantic show with us.

(Hurry while stocks last)


Due to the high demand of fans to buy tickets for the “The Wild Dreams Tour” concert in Jakarta which sold out in 24 hours, the UK’s biggest-selling album group of the 21st century, Westlife, officially added one more and First Show of 2023!
Yes!! The foursome – Shane, Nicky, Mark and Kian, have performed in Indonesia before and have a special relationship with their Indonesian fans and just can’t wait to be back.
This Special First Show 2023 will be on Thursday, February 9th 2023 at ICE BSD.

Westlife The Wild Dreams Tour 2023 tickets will go on sale starting Friday, December 23rd at 11:59 AM WIB (GMT+7 / Jakarta Local Time) and for more info:
The band says, “Coming back to some beautiful parts of Indonesia where our relationship with our fans is so special and due to the huge demand for tickets which sold out “The Wild Dreams” Jakarta stadium show in 24 hours, the biggest we’re playing in the country to date, we have listened to our fans this show allows us to spend more time in your beautiful country and play to fans who missed out on tickets to our Stadium show and who want an Indoor show!
”As we all know, Westlife will once again be hitting the road this year, following their record-breaking 2019 reunion tour which saw Shane, Nicky, Mark and Kian play to over 600,000 fans across 27 countries. The Irish pop kings kick off their tour this summer performing across the U.K. including an already sold-out headline show at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium.
The Wild Dreams Tour will see Westlife get closer to their fans than ever before, as they belt out all of their greatest hits ‘Swear It Again’, ‘Flying Without Wings’ and ‘World of our Own’ as well as fresh pop anthems from their new album ‘Wild Dreams’.
The band added, “After these past months with all that’s happening in the world, coming back on this tour to some beautiful parts of Indonesia where our relationship with our fans is so special means more to us than any that we’ve ever done before. It will be a massive celebration and will bring us closer to our fans in Indonesia than ever before. We have such a special relationship with our Indonesian fans and just can’t wait to be back. We’re planning some spectacular shows which will include all of our greatest hits and some special surprises.”
News of the First 2023 tour marks the Beginning of a packed schedule for Westlife following the huge success of their latest album ‘Wild Dreams’ released November 2021. Shane, Nicky, Mark and Kian have established themselves as the world’s biggest band of the 21st century, having sold over 55 million records worldwide and are the only band to have their first seven singles enter the UK chart at No.1. They also have the most singles of any artist to debut at No.1 in the UK. Overall, Westlife has had an incredible 14 No.1 singles, behind only Elvis Presley and The Beatles. They have had 33 No.1 albums worldwide and as a live act they have sold five million concert tickets worldwide and counting.
So, are you guys ready to see a Spectacular Show ever with WESTLIFE? Grab your tickets that will go on sale starting Thursday, December 23rd, 2023 at 11:59 AM WIB (GMT+7 / Jakarta Local Time), and for more info: Don’t miss it!! (***)




1. Tickets can only be purchased through,, BliBli and WW Entertainment Offline Ticketing.

Tickets are only for admission to the Westlife The Wild Dreams Tour Indonesia 2023 concert 9th February 2023. Please do not buy tickets from parties other than the mentioned ticketing outlets. The promoter is not responsible for any form of ticket fraud that is purchased at another party.

Tiket hanya dijual melalui,, BliBli, dan WW Entertainment Offline Ticketing. Tiket dapat digunakan untuk masuk ke konser Westlife The Wild Dreams Tour Indonesia 2023 9 Februari 2023. Mohon untuk tidak membeli tiket dari pihak lain selain outlet yang sudah disebutkan. Pihak promotor tidak bertanggung jawab atas segala bentuk penipuan tiket yang dibeli di pihak lain.

2. VVIP, Diamond & Platinum (Priority Seating Number)

The seat numbers will be automatically assigned to you based on the best seat available and system purchasing order number on the day you buy ticket.

VVIP includes Exclusive Souvenir, VVIP Access, VVIP Lounge & VVIP Parking Access.

Diamond includes VIP Parking Access.

Kategori VVIP, Diamond & Platinum (Kursi Bernomor Prioritas).

Nomor kursi untuk VVIP, Diamond & Platinum akan diberikan kepada Anda secara otomatis berdasarkan kursi terbaik yang tersedia sesuai nomor urut pembelian di sistem pada hari Anda membeli tiket.

VVIP akan mendapatkan Exclusive Souvenir, VVIP Akses, VVIP Lounge & VVIP Parking Akses.

Diamond akan mendapatkan VIP Parking Akses.

3. It is a must to make your ticket purchase using a valid identity card. Please make your ticket purchase using the valid and correct data (ID Card/KTP/SIM/Passport) Your ticket cannot be altered and/or modified after purchase is made.

Pembelian tiket diwajibkan untuk menggunakan nama sesuai kartu identitas yang valid. Pastikan Anda melakukan pembelian tiket dengan menggunakan data Anda yang valid dan benar (ID Card/KTP/SIM/Passport). Tiket Anda tidak dapat diubah dan/atau dimodifikasi setelah pembelian sudah dilakukan.

4. There is a ticket limit of 10 per transaction.

Setiap transaksi berlaku maksimal 10 tiket.

5. Purchased tickets cannot be canceled and/or transferred to another party for any reason.

Tiket yang sudah dibeli tidak dapat dibatalkan dan/atau dipindahtangankan dengan alasan apapun.

6. Ticket price excludes Government Tax and Ticketing Admin Fee 20%.

Harga tiket tidak termasuk Pajak dan Ticketing Admin Fee 20%.

7. Ticket holders must show the original ticket to the event in order to enter the venue. Electronic Ticket (E-Voucher) will be exchanged with a physical ticket (if any) before entering the venue. Ticket holders will be updated accordingly.

Penonton wajib menunjukkan tiket asli acara untuk memasuki area acara. Tiket Elektronik (E-Voucher) akan ditukarkan dengan tiket fisik (jika ada) sebelum acara. Pemegang tiket akan diinformasikan lebih lanjut.

8. We will conduct an identity check prior to entering the venue. All audiences (including foreigners) are required to bring along your personal valid identity card or passport.

Kami akan melakukan pemeriksaan identitas sebelum Anda memasuki area acara. Anda diwajibkan untuk membawa kartu identitas valid masing-masing.

9. All ticket holders must follow the terms and conditions that have been written on the ticket and also the terms and conditions of entry into the event that has been determined by the promoter (including but not limited to the health protocols).

Seluruh pemegang tiket harus mengikuti syarat dan ketentuan yang telah tertulis pada tiket dan/atau ketentuan acara (termasuk protokol kesehatan) yang berlaku.

10. Tickets cannot be used for commercial purposes, including but not limited to prizes, competition, contests or sweepstakes. Tickets sold or used in breach of this condition may be cancelled without a refund, with the bearer of the ticket being refused admission, no exceptions.

Tiket tidak bisa digunakan untuk keperluan komersial, termasuk untuk (dan tidak terbatas kepada) hadiah, kompetisi, kontes, atau undian. Tiket yang dijual atau digunakan apabila tidak sesuai dengan peraturan yang tertera dapat dibatalkan tanpa pengembalian dana dan pemegang tiket akan ditolak masuk ke dalam area konser, tanpa terkecuali.

11. All ticket sales are final. There are no refunds and no exchanges. Refunds will be given to the ticket holders if the event’s status is declared as cancelled. If the event is cancelled, refunds will be given by the promoter and the respective ticketing outlet with procedures that will be announced accordingly. If the event is rescheduled and/or postponed, refund policy will be informed accordingly. Refund does not include ticketing admin fee and credit card convenience fee.

Semua penjualan tiket adalah final. Tidak ada pengembalian ataupun penukaran tiket. Pengembalian dana akan diberikan kepada pemegang tiket jika status acara dinyatakan batal. Jika acara ditetapkan batal, pengembalian dana akan dilakukan oleh pihak promotor dan outlet pembelian tiket dengan ketentuan yang akan diinformasikan lebih lanjut. Jika status acara dijadwalkan ulang dan/atau diundur, kebijakan pengembalian dana akan diinformasikan lebih lanjut. Pengembalian dana tidak termasuk biaya administrasi tiket dan convenient fee yang dibebankan kepada pembeli dengan kartu kredit.

12. Children over the age of 3 must purchase tickets to enter the concert and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Anak-anak diatas 3 tahun harus memiliki tiket untuk dapat memasuki area konser dan wajib didampingi oleh orang tua atau wali.

13. The promoter has the right to deny entry to the event and / or pull an audience out from the venue without a refund if any of the mentioned rules and regulations is/are violated.

Promotor berhak untuk tidak mengizinkan Anda memasuki area acara dan/atau mengeluarkan Anda dari area acara tanpa adanya pengembalian dana jika adanya pelanggaran pada aturan dan ketentuan yang disebutkan.

14. The audience attending the event is responsible for their personal risk. The promoter/sponsors/artists/organizers/management is not responsible for any medical condition of the audience which relates to a congenital disease.

Penonton yang menghadiri acara bertanggung jawab atas risiko pribadi masing-masing. Promotor/sponsor/artis/managemen tidak bertanggung jawab atas segala kondisi medis penonton yang merupakan bentuk penyakit bawaan.

15. Organizers have the right to change, add or modify all provisions mentioned in the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Penyelenggara memiliki hak untuk mengubah ataupun menambahkan syarat-syarat di syarat & ketentuan tanpa pemberitahuan lebih dahulu.

16. By purchasing tickets to Westlife The Wild Dreams Tour Indonesia 2023, you have agreed to the applicable Terms and Conditions.

Dengan membeli tiket untuk Westlife The Wild Dreams Tour Indonesia 2023, Anda telah menyetujui semua Syarat dan Ketentuan yang berlaku.


1. The event will be held in accordance with the rules, regulations and protocol that applies in regards to the COVID-19 condition as stipulated by the government of Republic of Indonesia.

Acara akan diselenggarakan sesuai dengan peraturan, ketentuan dan protokol yang berlaku terhadap kondisi COVID-19 sesuai dengan yang ditetapkan oleh pemerintah Indonesia.

2. Please note that mandate and protocols, including COVID-19 vaccination requirements may vary and are subject to change. The promoter will stipulate any additional terms and/or conditions related to the health protocols in accordance with the prevailing law and/or regulations.

Harap dicatat bahwa peraturan dan protokol, termasuk persyaratan vaksinasi COVID-19 dapat bervariasi dan berubah. Promotor akan memberlakukan ketentuan tambahan di kemudian hari terkait protokol kesehatan sesuai dengan ketentuan yang diberlakukan oleh Pemerintah Republik Indonesia.

3. The Promoter has the right to inspect bags, clothing, and / or other luggage at the entrance to the event and / or inside the venue.

Promotor berhak untuk melakukan pemeriksaan pada tas, pakaian, dan/atau barang bawaan lainnya di pintu masuk acara dan/atau di dalam tempat acara.

4. The audiences are obliged to follow the rules and directions given by the event staff and officials.

Penonton wajib untuk mengikuti peraturan dan arahan yang diberikan oleh staff dan petugas acara.

5. The promoter is not responsible for any items and / or property that are lost and / or damaged during the event.

Promotor tidak bertanggung jawab atas segala barang dan/atau properti yang hilang dan/atau rusak selama acara.

6. The following items are not permitted in the event and may be ejected with or without the owner from the venue:

Barang-barang berikut tidak diizinkan dalam acara dan akan dikeluarkan dengan atau tanpa pemilik dari tempat tersebut:

• Non-authorized professional recording equipment (professional cameras, video recording devices, and audio recording devices, including ‘GoPro’ style devices and tablets), for unauthorized people/journalist without accredited badge;

Alat perekam profesional (kamera profesional, alat perekam video dan alat perekam suara, termasuk perangkat sejenis GoPro dan tablet) yang tidak resmi/wartawan yang tidak sah tanpa ID khusus dari penyelenggara;

• Liquids, alcohol, cigarettes and banned substances including outside food and drink;

Cairan, alkohol, segala jenis rokok, dan barang-barang terlarang lainnya termasuk makanan dan minuman;

• Pyrotechnic items or explosives including fireworks, candles, lighters. Flammable material including alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, pressurized cologne.

Benda pyroteknik atau eksplosif termasuk kembang api, lilin atau korek api. Bahan mudah terbakar termasuk alkohol, bensin, minyak tanah, cologne.

• Dangerous or potentially hazardous objects, including but not limited to sports items, weapons, knives, guns, laser devices, iron bar, wooden bar, sharp object or material, helmets, metal/plastic knuckles, self-defense spray (tear, pepper-spray), stun guns or any electric shock devices;

Benda berbahaya atau berpotensi berbahaya termasuk namun tidak terbatas pada item olahraga, senjata, pisau, senjata api, perangkat laser, bar besi, bilah kayu, benda atau bahan tajam, helm, keling besi/plastic, semprotan pertahanan diri (gas air mata, semprotan merica), senjata kejut listrik atau perangkat sengatan listrik lainnya;

• Any suspicious casual objects which can be used as a weapon or projectile including tools, chemicals, suspicious powder, umbrellas, selfie sticks, and other poles or tripods.

Benda-benda kasual yang mencurigakan yang bisa dijadikan senjata atau proyektil termasuk peralatan, bahan kimia, bubuk mencurigakan, payung, tongkat selfie dan jenis-jenis tiang atau tripod lainnya.

FAQ and Terms & Conditions will be updated according to the current situation and condition without prior notice. Please make sure to follow our social media @ww_enter_tainment & website for updates.

Pertanyaan Umum dan Syarat & Ketentuan acara akan diperbarui berdasarkan situasi dan kondisi tanpa adanya pemberitahuan sebelumnya. Untuk perkembangan informasi terbaru, silakan follow akun media sosial @ww_enter_tainment & website

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